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Buzzy, The Mischievous Fly

Flies are nasty, horrible creatures. They spread germs and disease. On their feet they have tiny sticky pads so that they can walk on ceilings and stand upside down, that is rather clever. It also means that when they fly into dustbins germs stick to their pads so that when they fly through your kitchen window and walk all over the cake you are having for tea, they leave behind the germs like tiny little footprints.

Now, Buzzy, the fly wasn't interested in spreading germs. All he wanted to do was to have some fun and his fun started one hot sunny day when he flew through a kitchen window and landed on the hot water tap. In the middle of the floor he saw a baby in a playpen.
'Good!' thought Buzzy to himself. 'I'll have some fun!' and the buzzed over to the baby and landed on his nose.


'Goo,' said the baby and he tried to hit Buzzy with the wooden hammer he was playing with but he missed Buzzy and hit himself instead!
'Bah!' cried the baby and he dropped the hammer. Buzzy then fly onto the baby's head and started to tickle him. The baby shrieked and began to dance about waving his arms in the air. Buzzy, then flew onto the end of the baby's ear. The poor baby began to wail. His mum heard his screams and she came rushing into the kitchen.. She couldn't find anything wrong with the baby as Buzzy had flown onto the top of a cupboard. She shouted at the baby for making so much noise and he just sat down in a heap feeling very sorry for himself. Buzzy smiled to himself as he flew out of the window to look for some more fun.

He spotted some fields across from the house and in one he saw a horse having a snooze. Buzzy fly over and landed on his ear and buzzed so loudly, the horse woke up. Buzzy then flew round his head and the poor horse became quite dizzy watching him. This made the horse cross. He stamped his hoof, gave a loud snort and galloped round the field. Buzzy, followed him. Every time the horse stopped, Buzzy stopped and began to buzz in his ear again. Around the field galloped the horse and around the field flew Buzzy still following him! T!is time when the horse stopped, he was panting. The girl who owned the horse had seen what was happening and because she had not seen Buzzy, she thought her horse was poorly. She took him to his stable and locked him in. The horse was cross to be locked in his stable on a beautiful day. How funny Buzzy thought it was and he went to look for some more fun.

He now saw a baker's shop.
'I'll some fun in there with all those cakes!' and in he flew.
He buzzed around the cream cakes and had a bite! He buzzed around the pork pies and had a bite! He buzzed around the trifles and the loaves of bread and had a bite! The people who were waiting to be served saw him and they didn't want to buy things that a fly had been on and they left the shop. This made the baker furious and he tried to catch Buzzy. Buzzy was too quick and he flew out of the shop.

Now, Buzzy had eaten too much and he was feeling rather sleepy and he decided to find a nice quiet corner to have a snooze. He looked for somewhere to go and he spotted an old shed.
'What a lovely place for a snooze,' and he flew in through a crack and curled up in a corner by the window and soon he was snoring.
When he awoke he felt rather strange. He couldn't move and when he looked around, he knew why. A spider had seen this nice juicy fly and thought it would make a nice supper. Whilst Buzzy had been asleep, the spider had spun some thread around him.
'Oh, no!' screamed Buzzy as he saw the spider coming towards him. He could see the spider's sharp teeth.
'I'm not a juicy fly,' he pleaded. 'In fact, I'll taste horrible!'
The spider knew better and alas, Buzzy, the mischievous fly was never seen again!

The End