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The Lady Mary Memorial Wood

The Beginnings

The charity wished to extend the woodland at Diggle. Kath had a meeting with Sara and Joe from the Woodland Trust and they suggested a 'wet woodland' would be Ideal. After a meeting with Hannah Marshall from the Woodland Trust plans were drawn of the area intended. You can read the email sent from Hannah of the Woodland Trust here. See the Woodland Trust Site Feedback Report here.

Kath decided to separate the two woods Thorns Beck Wood and to call the new one The Lady Mary Memorial Wood. She had known Lady Mary, the daughter of the late Duke of Norfolk for many years. Lady Mary was sympathetic to our bursary scheme to assist second degree vets students with their tuition fees, in fact she became the charity's patron. Over the years Lady Mary and Kath had many telephone conversations and they even corresponded by letter. Lady Mary left a legacy in her will to the charity. Kath misses her friendship, therefore this wood will be dedicated to her memory. Kath has informed her family.

Field before the trees arrive

Here are some photos of how the field is now it has been mown ready for the trees.
The Digglers' Lady Mary Memorial Wood The Digglers' Lady Mary Memorial Wood


These two plaques are to be placed by the wood. The plaques will be blessed bya priest on Saturday 12th October 2019.
The Digglers' Lady Mary Memorial Wood Plaques The Digglers' Lady Mary Memorial Wood Plaques