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  • 06/06/21 ~ I have re-named the girls Bonnie and Nessie and this morning found Bonnie with her head stuck between the bars of the fieldside gate. It was another SOS for farmer Dale and he too had difficulty in releasing her head. He eventually borrowed my car jack and prised the bars open and she ran off very relieved! It goes to show that livestock need to be checked daily. I am now going to lie down in a darkened room and watch cricket!!! If I ever get sectioned it will be down to me hebs!!!
  • 05/06/21 ~ On checking over the sheep this morning I noticed blood on George's hoof. I managed to get all the hebs into a stable but could not raise anyone to help get George in the penthouse. I had no option but to let them back in the field. I contacted the vet, David was on duty but out on an emergency and would have to wait at least 2 hours before he could contact me. I then managed to contact Dale the farmer and he could get over in about 2 hours. Dale arrived with Joel and between them managed to get George and bring him in. On examing his hoof they could not see anything wrong and there was no bleeding, so a quick spray and he returned into the field. David phoned later on and I explained what had happened he then told me to keep an eye on it and he would phone back on Monday morning. The blood must have come from somewhere hence I am keeping a watch for fly strike.
  • 10/05/21 ~ Matt came this afternoon and examined George. There is no sign of infection but he gave him an antibiotic just to be on the safe side. Although he had lost weight, he'd spent 3 months inside eating most of the time, now he is out in the field his weight is good. However, the remaining toe needed clipping as it was making walking difficult and Matt recommends a monthly trim. Farmer Dale comes frequently to trim Bumble's hoof so he could do George at the same time. Panic over!!!!
  • 10/05/21 ~ I am not happy regarding George. Although he doesn't appear to be lame, he is lifting his leg that had had the toe amputation. Yesterday, he got wedged under the bench and had to be pulled out, he may have caught it, however, I have spoken my concerns to Matt and he is coming out to see George tomorrow. I am concerned that the infection may have returned.
  • 01/05/21 ~ David and Matt with George from The Yorkshire Vet.
    The Digglers
  • 23/04/21 ~ We have not had any rainfall for 2 weeks and consequently the grass is not growing. There is no rainfall predicted within the next week so our sheep are having bales of hay in the field. Other farmers in the area are having to do the same.
  • 13/4/21 ~ We are on episode 3 of the Yorkshire Vet.
  • 24/03/21 ~ On Monday, Lisa the producer from Yorkshire Vet phoned to say they would be over at 1.30 to film George going out if he was ready. Dale the farmer had been to see him on the Sunday and after looking at his leg said he was ready for out. George was given a quick spray on his leg by our Dale and he held him whilst his leg was filmed to show how it had healed. It has been a long haul from the 4th January, George agreed and he is now enjoying his freedom. Lisa said the previous visits have already been edited so it will not be long before it is televised. That will then be my worry. I do not want lots of people coming round. Damian agrees and has consented to camp out and be the 'night watchman'! A big thank you to all that helped with the extra work, the vets and the TV crew. I am waiting to see what next mischief George causes. We did not take any photos but will get screen shots when it is televised. Lisa's parting words, they have enjoyed it so much they'd love to come back! No, no, no George must not get into anymore mischief!!!!
  • 10/03/21 ~ On Monday, Matt, David and the TV film crew arrrived hoping to film George going out into the field, however, when David removed the dressing part of the scab came off and left it open. David and Matt were very pleased with the healing process but it meant that Geoge would have to stay in a week or so longer for it to completely heal. He does not have to have another dressing and the vets do not have to return. I shall wait until we have another sunny dry spell and off he goes. The film crew will return to film the big event!
    The Digglers
  • 22/02/21 ~ On Tuesday, David, the Yorkshire vet returned with the film crew to film George returning into the field, This did not happen, on examining Geoge, David found there was no difference and the hoof was still infected. I was given two options, to call it a day or amputate the toe. The first was not an option so the toe would be amputated. On Thursday, David returned with Matt to carry out the operation. The TV crew returned to film the amputation. The vets had done this op many times and it had been featured on the series but on cows llamas and alpacas not on sheep as the cost of the op would out weigh the cost of the sheep. Matt knew George from the poisoning incident. They did the op on the flat stable floor and to the delight of David and Matt there was gas fire on!! The vets were wonderful, they gave George a mild anesthetic and a local on his leg. The op did not take long and soon Matt was asking George what colour bandage he wanted!! He ended up with a purple one! By this time George was coming round and stood up and walked over to the fire to get warm! After a minute or two he walked back into the sick bay and started munching hay. No sign of a limp! The vets remarked they had never seen that before! The vets were brilliant and David will return on Tuesday to change the dressing, meanwhile, Dale comes every day to give him and antibiotic and metacam for the pain. The TV crew will return in 3-4 weeks to see George return to the field.
    The Digglers
  • 03/02/21 ~ Dale's latest log.
  • 14/01/21 ~ Saddleworth Independent
  • 13/01/21 ~ In the bleak mid winter with the RAC.
  • 11/01/21 ~ This morning David, the Yorkshire vet came to see George. He has decided in consultation with Matt that it is not foot rot but due to the amount of poison he ingested that caused problems with the lamini and thus caused the problem in his hoof. He said it had improved since he saw it last week although there is still pus coming out. David flushed the area with antiseptic and gave him another long acting antibiotic. He does not now need daily injections so I would like to say a big thank you to Dale the farmer that came every day to administer the injection and the metacam. David has spoken to the TV crew and they will return with David to film the out come. David anticipates it will be spring before George returns to the flock.
  • 06/01/21 ~ George injured his leg 2 weeks ago. He was placed in the sick bay and the vet prescibed antibotics and metacam for the pain. At the time it did not require a vet visit so the medication was left for collection at the vet hospital Donaldsons at Huddersfield. Dale, a local sheep farmer came every day to administer the injection but after 7 days it was not showing significant improvement and there was swelling in the hoof region A vet visit was requested. I received a phone call from Donaldsons to say the vet would be arriving shortly, I then received another call from the film crew from The Yorkshire vet to ask permission to come and film. They then arrived with David the vet. George has a very bad case of foot rot that could be difficult to treat. He was given a strong antibiotic that lasts 10 days but David wants to keep on with daily dose of the other antibiotic along with the metacam. He also wants George to stay on site and Dale has kindly volunteered to do the daily injections. David will come back next week to assess the situation and if and when George goes back to join the flock the TV crew will return to film George going back out. The local newspaper has picked up the story and it will be in the next edition.

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