Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The majority of the Digglers have lived or are living on my 5 acres small holding in Diggle. This is where the name "The Digglers" came from. Within this section I go into great detail about the history and environment where the Digglers live. I also include photos of the main building, memory garden as well as panoramic views of the Digglers' home.

The History of the Home

Below explains how the Digglers began which lead to me obtain the land where they now live and subsequently building The Digglers' home. It gives the history of how over the years I have gradually developed it from the initial field to a cattery, sheep shelter, stables, and poultry area in which The Digglers' enjoyed as their home.


As the Digglers' home as developed and changed over time I have taken photographs of it to record it through it's different stages. The photos below show how the original cat garden attached the main building was changed into an open air memory garden it is today and how the sheep shelter has developed and changed. You can also see what it is like within the building where the cats are housed and scenery in which the Digglers' home is located.