Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Cat Who Came From A Pupil

The Digglers' Cats ~ Sammy Jo I acquired Sammy Jo from a pupil who was in my class. They had got her from an animal rescue centre. She is a very pretty part Siamese cat. They lived near a main road and were concerned that she may get knocked down and also being very pretty and friendly she may be taken. I was asked if she could come to Diggle. Since when did I refuse a cat?! Up she came. The children loved it as at the time I took them for weekly visits.

I have already documented her attitude towards other cats as she was responsible for Popsy (1)'s accident. Sammy Jo couldn't tolerate other cats especially females. On the demise of Popsy (1) a companion was sought for Lucy. I have explained how poor old Charlie got pushed down the stairs so Sammy Jo was the next choice. Lucy could handle her and they got on quite well. When Lucy died, Charlie came back as it would be unfair to take Sammy Jo back to Diggle after a home environment.

Sammy Jo Playing In The Snow In The Cat Garden

The Digglers' Cats ~ Sammy Jo The Digglers' Cats ~ Sammy Jo

The Famous Mog

Sammy Jo was featured in Veterinary Vouchers. Jean our Public Relations Officer arranged for a photo shoot to send a flier to all animal magazines. Sammy Jo was featured in the photos. Several months later, Jean received a letter from the editor of a magazine to say that Veterinary Vouchers would be featured in the next edition. She apologised to Jean as she could not remember the name of the cat so she called her "Bandit" due to her facial markings!

Over Twenty Years Old

I recently found a vaccination certificate for Sammy Jo dated 1988 and she was put as fifteen months old. It is now 2008 and she is still with me although frail and suffering from kidney problems. Her quality of life is good and she is still with Charlie.

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