Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

I Wanted A Ginger Male Cat

The Digglers' Cats ~ Charlie

My beautiful lovely Charlie, Garfield mark 2!   I always wanted a ginger cat and that was when I was introduced to Lucy, however I fancied a male ginger.  I contacted the local rescue societies and eventually contacted by the Cats' Protection League in Rochdale.  Off I went to collect my lovely ginger.  As you can see by the photograph, he is gorgeous and I was amazed that he hadn't been re-homed.  The explanation soon came, he had been badly kicked and was consequently afraid of humans, understandably so.  In a box he went and off to Diggle.  He soon settled and began to trust me and eventually I was allowed to pick him up and even got a cuddle.  He would not let me touch him on the side that was kicked.  Even today nearly twenty years later he is still very sensitive.

The Digglers' Cats ~ Charlie

He lived for many years at Diggle but I had two Digglers living at home with me. Popsy one and Lucy who had heart problems.  When Popsy died I looked for a substitute.  The first choice was my placid Charlie.  I took him home.  He already knew Lucy and as Lucy was upstairs at the time went to meet her.  I then heard an almighty thud and scream, rushed to have a look and found that Lucy had pushed him down the stairs!  Back he went to Diggle and home came Sammy Jo.  

The Man About The House

Poor Charlie is now at home with me as he has several ailments. He became diabetic but he has now recovered.  Unfortunately, he suffers from kidney failure that has made him blind but he can negotiate the house very well.  Charlie is still with me and his quality of life is good.  He must now be in his late teens and like all elderly cats has lost weight.  He is still my beautiful Charlie and as I say to him, he my man about the house!