Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

Make A Donation

Donations towards veterinary treatment for the stray cats at Diggle would be gratefully received.

By PayPal

Please be aware that the Charity does not receive the full amount of your donation, for example we receive £9.46 from a £10 donation, also the Charity cannot claim gift aid unless you forward a gift aid form, this can be downloaded from our website.

Previous Donations

Below is a list of people who have kindly donated towards veterinary treatment for the stray cats at Diggle.

  • Anon (Plymouth) £15
  • M. Price (Devon) £15
  • K. Pearson (Tameside) £476.04
  • Veterinary Vouchers £400
  • Debdale Rainbows (Tameside) £100
  • B. Jones (Tameside) £10
  • B. Jones (Tameside) £20
  • Anon (Lancashire) £15
  • Anon (Devon) £20
  • P. Simpson (Suffolk) £50
  • Anon £20

Thank you so much for your support.

Thank You

To all at Debdale Rainbows
What a lovely surprise to receive your beautiful pictures of the Digglers.
They will be placed on our website for everyone to see.
It was also a wonderful surprise to get your cheque for £100. It will be placed in The Digglers bank account and we will let you know whether it will be used for buying cat food or for treatment at the vets.
There will be a big thank you on our website and we hope that some of you can visit us at Diggle.
Love from The Digglers. xxxxxx