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  • 18/12/12 ~ New name added to the Thorns Beck wood map.
  • 22/11/12 ~ Graduation photos added to bursaries testimonials page.
  • 20/11/12 ~ The past few months have been extremely busy especially dealing with the animals. It is sad to say we have lost Cardigan, the sheep. She appeared to be struggling in the field so I brought her into the penthouse. Cardigan is the sheep we managed to save two and half years ago when she suffered paralysis in her back legs. One of her hind legs was slightly bent and when she was struggling in the field, I thought it was just a case of arthritis but sadly not. Cardi had an obvious tumour and it was great sadness that we decided to let her go. She was collected by Rossendale Pet Crem and her ashes are now back at Diggle. Cardi was a terrific character and will be sadly missed.
    Holly, the cat presented breathing difficulties at the end of August, however I am pleased to report that Ann at Manchester Vet Centre saved her life. She had a large amount of fluid in her thorax. Ann took and xray and then drained all the fluid that was sent for analysis. Fortunately revealing nothing sinister. Ann took an xray after the fluid had been drained that showed her lungs had increased considerable in size. It also revealed that her heart was enlarged which could have been caused by trauma. I am pleased to report that at the moment she is doing quite well but returns for a monthly check. A big thank you to Ann
    Bella Donis and Popsy are also currently under veterinary supervision. Recent blood tests indicate that they have kidney problems and they are both on medication and will be returning for another test to determine the effectiveness of the medication.
  • 19/10/12 ~ New Consultant vet added. Also 2 new rabbits (Rosemary and Thyme) have moved in to be our latest Digglers.
  • 25/09/12 ~ New gift aid form added and also list of current bursary student we are helping has been updated. The Trustees are deeply saddened regarding the recent incident in Mottram and wish to convey their condolences to family, friends and colleagues of PC Hughes and PC Bone. An oak tree will be designated to PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona Bone in Thornsbeck Wood.
  • 04/09/12 ~ New bursary testimonial added.
  • 09/08/12 ~ New tree allocated in Thorn's Beck Wood
  • 26/07/12 ~ This charity strongly condemns the use of live animals in the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. Charity minutes and accounts added. List of pets updated and also the Digglers's sponsored puppy added.
  • 30/6/12 ~ Some sad news and some very good. I am pleased to say that all our final year veterinary students have passed their finals and I am sure all three will be a credit to the veterinary profession. Well, done!
    The sad news, today, we lost little Sammy P. She had been suffering from a tumour and unfortunately, she has lost her fight and was taken to the vet to be put to sleep. Rather than take her to be cremated at Rossendale, she has been buried in her favourite place in the garden. She will be sadly missed by all including her boy friend Bobby Socks. Thanks for sharing your life with us, Sammy.
  • 25/06/12 ~ New contact details added. New links added to animal welfare section. Student bursaries testimonials updated.
    First of all, I must apologise for not keeping up to date with the news but the past couple of months has been not only busy but also very sad. The sad news is that unfortunately, we have lost Bluebell one on our older sheep. She had wintered in the penthouse as she was unable to negoicate the bad conditions in the open field, although the sheep have constant shelter in what I call the 'bungalow'. Sadly, the vet had to do the terrible deal and she was collected by Rossendale, the pet crematorium that we use and she was given full honours and her ashes are now back with us.
    Lewis, the rabbit found many years age by the local RSPCA Inspector also died. I must have had him for at least ten years and he was a fully grown rabbit when I had him. He, too, was given full honours and his ashes are back with us. Elma, an aged cat that we took on from the RSPCA had to have a very expensive dental operation and on having blood tests it was found she had an over-active thyroid and is now on constant medication and monitor. Popsy another elderly cat was diagnosed with early kidney disease but fortunately, responds to the diet. John Boy, (I must have been watch too much of the Waltons) one of the sheep is suffering from foot rot and needs constant watching. This weather is not helping and I am surprised that I have not got the same complaint!! At the moment, Sammy P another cat is under veterinary care as she has a large swelling in her abdomen. We are currently awaiting the results of tests and I will keep you informed.
    Well, we do have some good news, in fact it is excellent news. Charlie, a final year veterinary student at Liverpool has passed her exams with distinction. Well, done Charlie and you will be hearing more about that in the bursary section. We have also two more final year students at Edinburgh and we are waiting to here their results.
    The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has placed a link to us on our website, Not only is it a link, there is also a 'good write-up' of our bursary scheme.
    That's all for now folks! I'll let you know about Sammy P and the two students at Edinburgh.
  • 07/06/12 ~ As of the 01/06/12 the Trustees require confirmation from the Vet School that students have commenced or been accepted on a veterinary science degree course before they are allowed to participate in our bursary scheme. Paintings by Robert Duncans added. Thorn's Beck Wood tree list updated.
  • 25/02/12 ~ List of students helped by the Digglers updated.
  • 08/02/12 ~ The trustees wish to congratulate Hayley and Scott on their engagement. Hayley is in her final year at Edinburgh vet school. She has been with Veterinary Vouchers and now The Digglers since her enrolment. Scott has been supportive of her throughout. We also wish Hayley every success with her final exams.
  • 05/01/12 ~ Up to recently we have posted news on twitter. However, we have decided not to proceed with the twitter option of relating news. It was quite restricting as only a certain amount of words could be used hence we are reverting back to our website.

    Currently we have only one elderly sheep Bluebell. A few weeks ago she fell in the field and could not get up. I managed to bring her into the stable yard and she is now residing in the penthouse and loving every minute. Another elderly sheep -Twinnie was also brought in but unfortunately she died. She was given full military honours and her ashes are back and will be placed in the memory garden.
    The other sheep seem to be doing well especially Cardigan, although she was quite disgusted when Twinnie and Bluebell went into the penthouse as she remembered the six months she spent there and wanted to join them! The weather is not too bad for the sheep at least that is what I think. They, however, have other ideas and tend to stay in the 'bungalow' and when it is raining I am the only one outside as I go to feed them! The grass is still growing and I have had to feed them haylage on only two occasions. One Sunday, we did have heavy snow and Sylvia who lives across the way had to feed them as the road was blocked and I couldn't get through.

    At the moment the cats are not doing too badly. Elma, has been suffering from cystitis and is under veterinary care. She is on a special diet. We are receiving quite a lot of donated cat food from clients at County's End Veterinary hospital and a big thanks to them.

    Thornsbeck Wood:
    All is quiet in wood at the moment but spring is just around the corner and hopefully will reveal a substantial growth in the saplings.

    We were thrilled when Lady Mary Mumford agreed to be our patron and hopefully will get to meet her this year. We have three students who are in the final year at vet school. Two at Edinburgh and one at Liverpool. We wish them every success in their final exams and will keep you posted on how they do We have two new cats now listed on the site, called Treacle and Lulu-Bell. Also included on the front page is a disclaimer about veterinaryvouchers.co.uk. A big thank you to the land army who have continued to help every week and their susport is much appreciated. A big thank you also to Ruth who maintains our excellent website. To all of you who continue to browse our website, The Digglers wish you a happy and prosperous 2012.