Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers


By Chris aged 8 and Steven aged 10

Williow The Cat

Willow was our lovely cat
Who chased and played with this and that
Her favourite place was on your knee
Where she would purr contentedly

She wasn't with us for so long
But the love we had was very strong
She got hurt, we where upset
So we took her to the vet

The vet did all that he could do
Poor little Willow didn't pull through
Now that she's been laid to rest
We remember Willow at her best

Creating A Memorial On The Digglers Website

Have you lost a pet, for whom you would like to have a memorial? Then why not place a memorial on this site.

What will it cost?

New Pet Memorial
£20 per year
Renewal for existing Pet Memorial
Fee £5

To place a memorial on this site it will cost a minimum of £20 for 12 months, but any further donations will be welcomed. From this cost £15 will be administrative costs and £5 will be given to The Digglers ~ Pet Memory Website be used for maintenance and/or animal welfare at the Digglers animal's abode.

What happens after your 12 month period?

After 12 months you will have the choice of keeping your memorial on the web site for another 12 month period. If you choose to do so, you will only have to pay £5, as there will be no administrative costs. This £5 will go to The Digglers ~ Pet Memory Website be used to maintenance and/or animal welfare at the Digglers animal's abode. Payment must be received within one month after your 12 month period has ended. If no payment is received within one month after your 12 month period, your memorial will be automatically removed. If you then wish to reinstate you memorial after this, it will cost £20, because there will then be an administrative charge.

What is included in the pet memorial?

Please send details of your pet's name and a short memorial, no more than 150 words. If you would like to place a picture of your pet in your memorial, please send a photograph and a stamped addressed envelope, so that the photograph can be returned. Only one picture per pet will be allowed. Memorials for your pet will be placed under the appropriate section.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions please contact us.

Thorns Beck Wood

A two acre area is to be fenced and in Autumn tree planting will commence to create a woodland. Peter Leeson from The Woodland Trust is to provide help and advice on the development. Along with trees and shrubs, wild flowers will be introduced as well as a variety of spring bulbs and bluebells. It is envisaged that there will be a walkway through the wood and benches placed at various points. When the woodland is completed, pet owners will be invited to place the ashes of their beloved pets with a headstone if they so wish.

There is an area already allocated to marshland and this will be further developed to provide a habitat for local wildlife and mini beasts, so watch this space.


30/09/91 - 22/12/01

Sami The Dog

Taken by epilepsy far too soon

Sami came to live with us two months before his 3rd birthday, after his first mummy died. The other Dachshund taken with him to the RSPCA was put to sleep because of back problems. Sami fretted and stopped eating and I was contacted and agreed to re-home him. From a very insecure little chap he became the most amusing, comical, entertaining little dog. He developed epilepsy two weeks before his 3rd birthday but that did not daunt us. He was a very gentle, placid dog, very affectionate, very playful and just completely adorable. He loved his holidays in Scotland every year and the odd few days in Wales. He was adored by our vet nurses and receptionists and the vets themselves. He will be missed enormously.


12/10/88 - 29/01/02

Sara The Dog

Died suddenly and unexpectedly in her bed.

Sara came to us as a six-week old puppy. She was always a very affectionate, loving little girl. Always wanted cuddles, she was never happier than when she was being held in our arms. Not an ounce of aggression in her tiny body, very much loved by all the staff at the veterinary surgery. Even when she had a tumour removed from her leg and was having to go back to the vet every day or every other day, because of problems, she never lost her sweetness. On holiday she was always the first one on the beach, barking for everyone to hurry up. We miss her so very, very much.

Waiting at Rainbow Bridge with Sadi, Sofi 1, Big Sam, Sacha until the day their brothers and sisters and Mummy and Daddy join them.

Rosie Conroy

Rosie the cat

Sleep tight, Rosie.
Have lots of fun in heaven with your cat friends.
We miss you but you had to go. Hope you get lots of sardines.
Love from everyone xxx