Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Grass Which Was Greener On The Other Side

January 2007, Cardigan appeared. She stayed on the grass verge looking longingly at my flock and wondering why she couldn't be there! The grass was poor and would not sustain her. I knew if I started to feed her she would never go away. Day after day she stayed looking pleadingly ever time I went to feed my crew. At last I said to her, 'come on'. She followed me down the drive and into the stable yard. She then followed me down the yard and watched eagerly as I opened the gate to the field. No encouragement was needed, She ran into the field.

May 2009, it was a Saturday morning when I went to feed the sheep, I found her collapsed by the entrance to the shelter. At first, I thought she had died but she was barely alive. I called the vet straight away and we put her inside. He thought she had become cast and couldn't get up. However, she was very depressed and wouldn't eat. I informed her that I never give up on animals and put some corn in her mouth. She gave me a filthy look but began to chew. I did this over the next couple of days as well as shringing water into her. On Monday, the vet returned and diagnosed her back legs were paralysed. He gave her an injection to see if her condition would improve. Cardigan was now eating and drinking on her own. I went to get injections for her which she had every other day for two weeks. Again the vet was not hopeful of a recovery. One of her legs gained some movement and she began to shuffle about. I kept her in the 'pent house' bedded on straw. Like Bonnie (2), Cardigan was not giving up and neither was I. Her right back leg is now perfect. Movement has returned to her left and hopefully by spring she will be able to join the others in the field but she will winter in with George, Gertie and Dolly in the pent house with room service! They have also access to the stable yard.