Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

Miss Buckley's Barn Cats

I spent quite a lot of my time when I was younger at Sunfield Farm Riding School.  Miss Buckley along with her father ran the establishment.  They retired and sold the land for building and bought a sixteen acre small holding in Holmfirth.  I kept in touch and frequently went to see her during the school holidays.  Unfortunately, when she died, she had two barn cats and none of her relatives wanted them.  I used to feel sorry for them as she never let them in the house and fed them dog biscuits so most of the time they hunted for their own food.  So I think you have guessed it, they became Digglers and had a wonderful time.  They were brothers and very attached to each other.  Mad Harry as I christened him was very disorientated this was because he had had a severe ear infection that had been badly neglected.  In fact it had been so bad that it had altered the shape of his ear.  He was also prone to ear infections and he developed in his later years a tumour.  Like his brother (Sammy Buckle), he was very affectionate.  I could not split up the two brothers and he came to live with me at home when I moved Sammy Buckle.  Again, I often felt how Miss Buckley had missed out with the affection from Mad Harry but it was certainly my gain as Mad Harry was well in his teens when he finally succumbed to heart failure.