Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Paralysed Christmas Cat

The Digglers' Cat ~ Jolly Roger Jolly Roger joined me one Christmas. He had been taken to the vet a road traffic accident. Unfortunately, his back legs were paralysed. The vet didn't want him to stay by himself at the vets over the holidays and I was asked if I would look after him and stay with my Digglers. The vet was hoping some movement would return to his hind quarters. I got my hospital box ready to house him but the look of anguish on his face when he found he couldn't join the other cats was distressing. I was initially concerned that the other cats would torment him. No-way, not my bunch, so out he came and how he could shuffle about on his front legs. He could negotiate the tunnels that led to the garden and he was perfectly happy. However, it meant that I had to keep washing him as he got dirty and on occasions took him home for a bath. Because he had such a happy disposition, I called him Jolly Roger!

After Christmas because he had been so happy the vet said he could stay with me. However, there was no visible improvement in his mobility, the vet even tried acupuncture with no affect. I looked at the option of a "cat buggy" and a local grammar school offered to try and make one. I took him to be measured but sadly he got an infection from which he didn't recover. Should the vet have ended his life as soon as he had been brought in? Some would say yes, but he was given a chance to recover and seeing him play so happily with my cats, perhaps and perhaps not?!