Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Cat Who Had Been Dumped

The Digglers' Cat ~ Jasper

Jasps (short for Jasper) was dumped at the farm across from me, a very bewildered cat!   He had been neutered and appeared well fed.  As you can see from his photograph, he was an unusual colour.  The farm was already overflowing with cats so he made his way across to me.  He was obviously in a state of emotional shock and would not move or even eat for several days.  However due to coaxing by myself and the other cats he started to come round.  It was at least two years before I got a purr from him but I never heard him meow.  How very sad that people can do that to an animal!

The Digglers' Cat ~ Jasper

He spent several years with me until he finally succumbed to kidney disease.   Whenever I was around he would stare at me with deep penetrating eyes.  They were full of love.  It was his way of saying thanks.  I'll never forget that look and to this day I still miss him.  He has a special place in my thoughts.  The people who dumped him didn't know what they missed.  Their loss was certainly my gain and hopefully Jasper's as well.