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The Christmas Cat

Just before Christmas a village cat appeared. I was unaware at the time that she came from the village but found out later. Apparently, her owners went to pastures new but these did not include their cat. It was cold when I arrived a teatime to feed the cats. I spotted this tricoloured mog on the drive and immediately thought it was Simba as she was the same colour. The weather was cold and I had not opened the gardens for the cats that morning and was perplexed as to how Simba had got out. As I walked down the drive, the cat moved away but as I opened the door, I saw Simba sitting in her usual place. The cat by this time had jumped onto the wall by the door and was crying. When I went out she moved onto the drive and again started to cry. I asked her if she wanted to come in and before I could blink she shot through the door!!!! I could see that she was very thin and she dived for the food and without chewing she began to swallow the food as if there was no tomorrow!. I later learnt from a neighbour that she had been hanging around for days and trying in vain to get food from the wheelie bins.

Since it was near Christmas, I decided to call her Holly. She is a stunning cat and has settled in quite well and there is no way she would think of leaving!!

Holly The Cat's Photos

The Digglers' Cats ~ Holly

Holly The Cat's Poem

The therapeutic usage of candles in the veterinary treatment of feline chylothorax.

In August, my cat, Holly became ill.
Got taken to the vet for a pill.
However, it was clear,
Her breathing was severe,
So blood tests were added to the bill.

The blood tests came back fine.
But the chest fluid would define.
That chyle was the fluid they found.
Making Holly's health extremely unsound.

Chylothorax was then diagnosed.
The cause of which no-one knows.
One thing it could be,
Was the dreaded FIP!
Scaring the hell out of me!

The answer was then to drain,
As Holly was in no pain.
However, the condition progressed,
Giving the draining no rest,
So further advice was then the request.

Rutin was then prescribed,
Hoping the chyle would subside.
Although it was placed in her feed,
It did not succeed.
Another 'route in' was now the need.

To church I did go,
And lit candles that stood all aglow.
A solution I pray,
Just lead me the way,
And Ann did the same thing too.

Ann took the matter in hand.
Even though it was Holly's last stand.
An operation may work,
If only it could.
It did, thanks to Prue, from Oakwood.

To church I then did go,
And lit candles that stood all aglow.
A solution I prayed,
Did lead the way,
And a chylothorax is no more!