Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

The Blind But Very Vocal Cat

September 2009, I received a call from the vets. They had admitted a blind cat from the Stalybridge area. She had been found crying in the middle of a road. I went round to see her and she was in a bad state. Her coat was all matted and her skin covered in sores. Obviously, in that condition it would have been impossible for any of the local animal sanctuaries to rehome her. So I came to the rescue and she came with me. Due to her being blind she could not be a Diggler, she would not have been able to find her way around and perhaps be intimidated and feel threatened by the other cats. So, home she came and became known as Burfy. I managed to get most of her mats from her fur and her skin condition thankfully cleared and she settled down to her new life with me. I became worried in May 2010 as she appeared very lethargic, drinking a lot and I found a growth on her tummy. Burfy still had a few mats in her fur so a trip to the vets was in order.

Unfortunately, Michael had now retired from the practice and a new vet had to be found. I therefore, decided to try another practice - County's End Veterinary Practice. Burfy, was not very pleased and screamed all the way there and I envisaged the vet having to administer synulox as Burfy would have a sore throat! Joanna, the vet did a blood test and found Burfy to be diabetic which is now under control and she did an excellent job of removing the growth, dematting her and even cleaning her teeth - Burfy that is! Thanks to Joanna, Burfy is now a totally different cat, happy, active and looks beautiful. I have asked if she can do the same for clients, but no such luck!!!!