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The Digglers

Shades Of Schindler's List

On 26/9/09 a cat was brought into the surgery. It had been found sat crying in the middle of the road. On examination the cat was found to be blind. It seemed impossible that the cat could be homed if blind and the 'big sleep' was due the next day. No, no, no, unthinkable. Round I went at the crack of dawn to stop the terrible deed. Shades of Schindler's List? She had had a blood test to determine as to whether she had FIV or leukaemia They proved negative so home she came with me. I have christened her Augustine (Teenie for short). It didn't take her long to settle in. She quickly found the food bowl and the warm radiator where she slept for most of the day. Lewis my rabbit is used to cats and didn't pose a problem and Popsy (2) my one-eyed cat appeared very sympathetic. A member of the local RSPCA came to take a photo of Teenie which will be placed on their lost and found website. Can you guess what will happen to her if no-one comes forward?

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