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My name is Rachel Bean and I am originally from Barnard Castle, Co. Durham which is a rural, lowland farming area. It is the Countryside which introduced me to the relationship between man and dog, and the benefits our Canine friend can bring to us, both as a pet or a working dog, whether this be as a Sheepdog, Gundog, Guard dog or indeed a companion dog. As the years have gone by, the breeds of dog that were originally bred to do a specific job are no longer needed to work for a living. These breeds of dogs are increasingly finding themselves in towns and cities as pampered pooches. This, coupled with a general lack of understanding of how important socialising, habituation, effective training and leadership is to the dog, we are increasingly encountering difficulties with our pets behaviour. Unfortunately, with the ever-increasing pace of life and today's throwaway society, dogs are expected to slot in and adapt, and when they don't they can face a very stressful life, be given up for rehoming, or be euthanased. The domestic cat also faces similar problems living with us, and as cats are steadily catching the dog up as a popular pet, then the incidents of problems and undesirable behaviours will increase.

After living in the country from the age of 10, finishing school, and eventually at the age of 24 managing to get the job as Assistant Kennel Manager at Darlingtons National Canine Defence League Rehoming Centre, I learnt a great deal about the problems that dogs and humans are having living together by the amount of dogs being handed over for rehoming. From there I moved into Veterinary Nursing, a perfect platform for educating potential new and existing dog owners about problems. I now run Puppy Parties, Puppy Classes, and I help with a local Dog Club with the problem dogs of the class on a one-to-one basis. I have attained the British Veterinary Nursing Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour enabling me to run Behaviour Consultations within the practice. I invite any questions on problems you are having with your cat or dog and will endeavor to answer them as best I can.