Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

Meeting held on 13/07/11


  • Kath Pearson
  • Joan Butterworth
  • Michael Gourley
  • Val McKeon
  • Catherine Unsworth
  • Norma Smalley
  • Kath Birch
  • Rachel Bean


  • Rachel Bean

1. Matters Arising from last meeting

2. Amendment objects within the constitution. Advice from the Charities Commissioners acted upon. Charity Solicitor amended Object within the constitution. These approved unanimously by the Trustees.

3. Discuss the percentage of Gift Aid given to the students: Gift Aid of £4,628 is due to the Charity. All Trustees agreed that these monies should be used this financial year for the Charity. Michael Gourley requested a projection of annual expenditure. The figure given was approximately £5,000 per year. This includes heating, insurance, veterinary fees, food and incidental expenses. To be reviewed at the next Annual General Meeting 2012.

4. Donation to Charity regarding tree naming at Thornsbeck Wood. A donation of £25.00 was agreed, however issues such as safety, access need to be investigated before a decision is made.

5. Donation to Charity regarding internment of pets ashes. This issue again needs further discussion and is deferred until the next Annual General Meeting 2012.

6. Peppercorn Rent. Kath Pearson is to pursue with the Charity's solicitors to ascertain Peppercorn Rent to fulfil the Charity's security at Diggle both land and animal accommodation. To obtain this lease would cost the Charity £350.00. Kath Pearson to feed back to Trustees following consultation with solicitor.

7. RSPCA Manchester Vets. In consultation with Carole Lynch, Manchester Vets at My Pets Stop has very kindly agreed to treat our cats at the same cost as RSPCA cats due to the fact that many of our cats originated from Tameside and Glossop RSPCA and could not be homed in normal circumstances. The Trustees would like to extend their gratitude to Carole for allowing our Charity this facility.

8. Accounts: Kath Pearson presented the accounts from September 2010 to April 2011. These accounts were agreed by all Trustees and will be placed on our website.

9. Any Other Business. New Charter Housing Trust are developing a new initiative whereby employees are allowed to work for a charity for a period of 2 days per year on full salary. An employee, Wayne, has requested he would like to volunteer his services for our Charity.

Our Charity's solicitor – Christopher Allen – has suggested that we could apply for Lottery funding. Kath Pearson has agreed to request forms from the Lottery Commissioners to see whether we would qualify and will feed back to Trustees.

It was agreed to open a separate bank account for Bursary students. Signatories would be Michael Gourley, Valerie McKeon and Kath Pearson.

Meeting Closed at 8:50 pm