Digglum Bestiaruim ~ The Digglers' Crest

The Digglers

  • I carried out my first ever operation on Poppy the boxer dog to remove her uterus and ovaries in order to prevent a life threatening infection from recurring.
  • Casper, The Bedlington Terrier, was diagnosed with a severe kidney infection. I put him on medication and a drip and he later made a full recovery. The picture was taken whilst I was checking his heart and respiration rate.
  • I just couldn't resist getting my picture taken with the two puppies, they were so cute! The Chihuahua was in for a routine vaccination and the pug puppy had pneumonia.
  • Hill Crest Veterinary Practice works closely with many local animal charities. The hedgehog in the picture was one of 3 that were rescued that week and brought in for a check-up. He has now been released back into the wild.
  • I delivered the lamb, Oscar, with great difficulty last Easter. He was too large for the ewe to give birth to him naturally and by the time I managed to get him out he wasn't breathing. I resuscitated him and then tube fed him till he was well enough to go back with his mother.
  • Toby, an ex- racehorse, was being treated for a barbed wire injury to his hock (that nasty wound has now completely healed)
  • Wilfred the calf was so friendly, he was being treated for a blocked urethra

I have been thoroughly enjoying my placements and have been very fortunate the level of teaching and support the practices provide They have all made time to teach me new skills and discuss the cases in detail and gave me so much responsibility.

A summary of my academic record to date is as follows:

  • 2 in 1 year: Average mark of 79%, top mark 92% (neurology)
  • 3rd year: Average mark of 81%
  • 4th year: Distinctions in all clinical theory exams (75% farm, 80% equine, 84% small animal)
  • I have also recently been awarded two academic prizes, the Intervet Prize in Infectious Diseases and the Veterinary Pathology Prize, for getting the top exam results in these areas in my 3rd year (please see attached photo of me receiving the award)