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Animal Welfare Meeting

The Steering committee on animal welfare

Inaugural meeting 25/8/10

  • Catherine Unsworth
  • Rachel Bean
  • Ellen Unsworth
  • Kath Pearson

Apologies: Kath Birch, Michael Gourley.


  • To discuss the way forward to raise animal welfare and conservation on our website.
  • To discuss the way forward to raise animal welfare through contact with local schools, libraries and other interest parties.

Item 1

It has already been discussed that the best information regarding animal welfare and conservation issues can be addressed by other specialist websites. It is therefore suggested that we provide a directory service by providing links to these sites. By establishing these links it enables the general public and schools to have easy access to the information they require.

Item 2

To raise animal welfare and conservation locally.

KP demonstrated the resources that have already been used in schools when she was a voluntary speaker for the RSPCA. It was agreed that the resources were still appropriate and some to be expanded. KP also agreed to produce a power point presentation on the dangers of litter and to be demonstrated at the next meeting. If approved other presentations will be produced on appropriate topics. KP offered to spearhead the school talks as she has an active CRB and also has available time. It was agreed that an information flier be produced and sent to the Tameside schools offering this service, however it is envisaged that the earliest time that the the talks could commence would be in the New Year that would allow adequate time to assemble the resouces.

Kath Birch although not present at the meeting expressed giving talks to other groups for example libraries. An alert letter to be produced. Kath expressed she was willing to spearhead these talks. Rachel Bean also expressed and interest.

Rachel Bean is currently training her labrador to be a Pat dog. The progress would be an interesting feature to be featured on our website. In the future it is envisaged that our folk group will be invited into care homes and Rachel's pat dog would be a welcome initiative.

Catherine Unsworth suggested trying some of the school initiatives at her school and would provide feed back.

Meeting closed.
Next meeting to be arranged